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Animal Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Por hqt / May 15, 2020

Animal Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber


Animal Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber  have been getting a lot of attention in the media for their revolutionary technology. Most of the time, people only have to be physically fit and eat a healthy diet along with medicine in order to stay healthy. But as time goes on, new types of therapy are going on to fix new issues that people have to deal with. This machines make the body circulate oxygen 3 times faster in sessions which is going to increase their blood flow. Over time, this can have really good health benefits that has been proven by independent studies and anecdotal data.

Animal Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for sale
Though this is far from the only reason to use one of these machines, muscle recovery happens to be a big reason as to why they are becoming used more and more by athletes. Working out can be really intense and if the body hasn’t gotten use to it yet, there are going to be recovery periods where it needs days to recover. These machines are able to help reduce soreness and inflammation by circulating oxygen throughout the body. It’s not something they have to use their entire day on either. If they want to do it for half an hour, that can be very effective.

HP600 Veterinary Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for Animal Clinic
When pets need this kind of treatment, the reasons that they may need to use can be widely different for why a human needs it. Of course, using these machines for humans can help fight against diseases, most of the focus for animals happens to be for this kind of treatment. Most vets will never have this kind of technology so this is usually one of the last options when it comes to repairing an animals physical health. It’s also important to mention that most of the treatment is going to be used on dogs as opposed to other kinds of animals like reptiles.

Decompression sickness is one of the biggest reasons why the Veterinarian doctors use this for dogs. Decompression sickness happens because the pressure has decreased around the animal and happens in underwater environments or for being in the air for too long. Using these machines is the most practical solution for them because what they need is more consistent blood flow. The pressure of Oxygen is multiplied by 3 times while in the machine. This means that their blood is able to move by using it in sessions occasionally.

Unlike the machines made for humans, the one made for dogs is incredibly tight and isn’t designed for as much room to move around. Most humans are going to be resting while they are inside the machine, but dogs have it differently. On any session they are going to be using it, dogs are in there for the reason of fighting a disease that requires more blood flow. Humans have used it mainly for the reasons of athletics and modeling. The body for those activities isn’t always medical and may even be used aesthetic reasons. The intentions are completely different in their goals.

If you take a look at a machine made for humans and one made for dogs they are going to look completely different. Most of the time, the dog is going to be standing on all fours, while the human is going to be lying doing. There are even machines that humans can use so that they are able to sit down and possible do something else while they are in the machine. There is a practical reason for this that serves the needs of both. The machine the dogs will have to go in are more dense for a smaller body.

A human may spend hours inside one of the machines, but a dog will likely spend one to 2 hours on their sessions to fix their problems. The human will need it for possibly getting other things done while using the machine while the dog could also use it for treating their injuries. Not only that, but the dog may potentially using twice a day if the injury that they have is more serious. For cuts and burns, using it multiple times a day isn’t going to be as uncommon.

If an animal is drowsy, the model such as the HP600 may help them while they are sleeping. This model has a lot more space than your typical Animal Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber. If a part of their body happens to be numb, this happens to be one of the best ways to see consistent progress. While they happen to be asleep, they can heal themselves as much as possible without thinking about much else. If they weren’t doing this, their instincts might go off which could make them reject the idea of going in there. Regardless of the animal, the maximum amount of recommended time happens to be 2 hours per session.

The machine itself is very well built and is transparent. That should be very reliving since you can constantly see the status of the animal that belongs to you. If it’s their first time, it will probably take them a few sessions for them to really get used to it. Some of them are going to be able to notice the changes in their body and they could react violently. The machine being transparent and lets you see if you should take them out prematurely. They can go back and fourth if they feel like walking out of instinct. If they are going rest, you can give them a blanket to set on them.

There are different diameters on the door for your animals because a lot of them can vary widely in terms of size. You can get one of these for yourself and you don’t need any professional training in order to use it. You should read the manual so that you know the functions and certain warning signs that you can look out for. There is a cooling unit to make sure that the space never gets to hot. Of course, heat allows blood to flow a lot faster, but animals can only take so much before passing out.