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How to cure animals using veterinary Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber?

Por hqt / June 29, 2020

A guide to hyperbaric oxygen therapy and veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber

veterinary Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber offers beneficial treatment like hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Treatment that inhales 100% oxygen in a room with high pressure called “high pressure oxygen treatment”. 

It is a treatment method has established globally.  Moreover, it breathes 100% oxygen for more than 1 hour at 2 absolute pressures like:

  • twice atmospheric pressure
  • water depth of about 10 m

For example, if you inhale 100% oxygen in a veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Then almost 100% of hemoglobin will be associated with oxygen.

Furthermore, in “hyperbaric oxygen therapy”, by inhaling oxygen in a hyperbaric environment, oxygen dissolves in serum. It is a liquid component of blood. Oxygen dissolves in serum in proportion to alveolar oxygen. This is called “dissolved oxygen”.

In hyperbaric oxygen treatment, this “dissolved oxygen” is particularly effective. And is an effective treatment method for the following:

  • decompression sickness
  • peripheral circulatory insufficiency
  • wound failure of injured tissue
  • Andinfectious diseases.

What Therapeutic effect does veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber has on diseases?

There are many effects that veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber has on diseases.

And these are:

  1. Improves tissue hypoxia due to blood flow disorders
  2. Promotes wound healing
  3. Has a sterilizing effect
  4. Reduces the volume of gas in the body
  5. It has the effect of promoting excretion of nitrogen gas in the body during decompression sickness.

Here we are discussing all of these effects in detail

Improves tissue hypoxia due to blood flow disorders: In peripheral circulatory deficiency like:

  • Diabetes
  • arteriosclerosis destruction

Peripheral tissues are in a oxygenate environment.  Hyperbaric oxygen treatment increases the oxygen concentration in peripheral tissues.

Promotes wound healing:  Peripheral circulatory deficiency sometimes causes skin ulcers in the legs.

Furthermore, for skin ulcers that has caused by peripheral circulatory failure, hyperbaric oxygen treatment cured in veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber promotes healing of ulcers.

After radiation therapy for cancer, the normal sludgy membranes sometimes can “bleed”. It makes treatment difficult. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for post-irradiation late effects is highly effective.

And late-stage radiation disorder patients account for the highest proportion of hyperbaric oxygen therapy signs in the United States.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has also been reported to be effective for bleeding. From the rectum and bladder after radiation therapy for the following

  • cervical cancer
  • endometrial cancer
  • prostate cancer

In sports injuries like:

  • Sprains
  • bruises

The injured area swells and causes pain. Since the swelling violates the peripheral circulation. And the site of injury becomes an oxygenate environment. But hyperbaric oxygen therapy healed in veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber improves the oxygenate environment. Moreover, it reduces swelling and pain.

In the basic research, there is a report that the treatment of ligament injury and muscle mass has promoted. Currently, there are doctors who are actively working on hyperbaric oxygen treatment for sports injury.

Here we are describing some other major effects

Has a sterilizing effect:

It is effective against bacterial infections. Generally, it boosts the sterilization effect of white blood cells. Furthermore, it has indicated for the following:

  1. gas gangrene
  2. necrotizing fasciitis
  • osteomyelitis, etc.

Reduces the volume of gas in the body:

When abdominal movement becomes poor due then the volume of gas in the intestine reduces. And the extended blood vessels recover itself in veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Hence your bowel may move better.

It has the effect of promoting discharge of nitrogen gas in the body during decompression sickness.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy healed in veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber is essential for decompression sickness. It causes nitrogen gas bubbles in tissues. And blood vessels due to:

  • deep diving in scuba diving
  • repeated diving for a long time
  • sudden rise
  • Failure of safety stops.

Pressurization with hyperbaric oxygen treatment reduces the bubble volume. And oxygen has highly oxygenated in the tissue. While promoting the transfer of nitrogen gas in the body to the blood and promoting discharge from the lungs.

Precautions for Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treated in veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber

Now we are describing some precautions that should take in veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber

  1. About ear removal

About ear removal

In air-containing organs like:

  • the middle ear cavity
  • sinuses
  • lungs

Changes in pressure cause the air inside to expand or contract. Especially, since the middle ear cavity is sealed, hyperbaric oxygen treatment raises the air pressure. And at the same time causes a feeling that the ear is blocked or squeezed.


Continued patience can cause severe pain in your ears. But in many cases removing the ears will eliminate the symptoms.

Here is an authentic information about ear removal that is also treated in veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber

 What is ear removal?

It is a method to eliminate the pressure difference between the outside and inside of the eardrum. The middle ear cavity has connected to the nasopharynx .It is usually a closed space because the Eustachian tube is closed. It is a very useful veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber method.

Type of ear removal

  1. Twinbeemethod of opening the Eustachian tube by contracting the palate-sail muscle by the action of swallowing saliva.  This is one of the ways to prevent ear damage.
  2. This is a method of opening the Eustachian tube by swallowing. And it is similar to the action of drinking water.You can also bring a PET bottle into the treatment room.

What is the session in a portable hyperbaric chamber consists?

The session in a portable veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber consists of placing one or more individuals. And in which the air pressure has increased by means of a compressor up to 1.3 ATA. It is also possible to increase the oxygen focus during treatment to a level of around 30%.

Therefore, the increase in pressure makes it possible to “force” oxygen to enter body fluids

such as:

  • blood plasma
  • lymphatic fluid
  • cerebrospinal fluid

in the brain. Therefore, this makes it possible to oxygenate parts of the body.  They do not receive oxygen by the simple process of breathing.

What actually happens in hyperbaric oxygen therapy cured in veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber?

The body contains thousands of billions of cells. And it is obvious that all of which need oxygen. By the process of respiration, oxygen passes from the lungs to the red cells. They have the function of transporting it in the blood.

In fact, 95% of them carry oxygen. The vast majority of blood is made up of red blood cells. But also, white blood cells, platelets and plasma. So, with the hyperbaric chamber, we come to soak the red blood cells, and the excess oxygen is directly dissolved in the blood plasma. Therefore, more deeply in the blood.

Moreover, the pressure causes the oxygen molecules to become smaller. And this allows the oxygenation of parts of the body which were in a state of oxygen deficiency.

veterinary Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber suppliers

Over the sessions in a veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber, there is a decrease in inflammation. Similarly, it gives ability to fight infections.

Furthermore, the veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber helps the body to get rid of its toxins. It accelerates the speed of natural healing of muscles and tissues.

In addition, several studies display high rates of effectiveness in improving the quality of life of neuro atypical people with

  • Motor
  • Neurological
  • sensory or intellectual difficulties.

Benefits can be felt in pain management as well as in improving energy and quality of sleep.