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How much 1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber oxygen therapy cost?

Por hqt / July 1, 2020

Effects of Hyperbaric Chamber therapy on healing of cells and tissues

1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber

1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber therapy Introduction

HBO stands for “Hyperbaric Oxygenation”.  It is a therapy method used in many medical specialties worldwide. One goal is to provide undersupplied tissue with sufficient oxygen.
This is done in a 1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber under the supervision of a doctor and specially trained specialist staff.

During treatment, there is a defined overpressure in the chamber. Furthermore, the overpressure causes the oxygen in the blood to pass into physical solution. Subsequently, the therapeutic increase in oxygen concentration triggers other body processes.

What happens before / during treatment?

At the beginning of the treatment:

  • the suitability for the pressure chamber was checked
  • physical examination
  • the complete medical history

A thorough examination using existing findings clarifies the patient’s personal suitability for the use of HBO. 1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber therapy is always carried out in close consultation with the physicians.

The medical consultation, depending on the illness, takes between 135 minutes. Moreover, each HBO comes into three phases:

  1. The ambient pressure in the therapy 5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber is slowly increasing.
  2. After the therapy pressure is reached, 100 percent oxygen consumes through special masks.
  3. Towards the end of the therapy session, the excess pressure slowly reduces.

The pressure chamber fills with normal room air. Therefore, you can remove mask at any time.

There is normal room air all the time in the 1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber.

For the first treatment, the patient goes into the pressure chamber. Similarly, a specially trained employee stays by his side. A video-supported communication system enables constant visual and speech contact.

A modern entertainment system makes it possible to use your own mobile devices in the pressure chamber.

The 1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber treatment is carried out over several consecutive days.

1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber Assumption of costs:

The costs of emergency care and inpatient treatment are usually borne by all cost bearers.
This means that the health insurance companies can only cover the costs of the HBO in individual cases.
Moreover, your health insurance fund’s declaration of assumption of costs should be in writing before the start of therapy.

How does 1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber work?

The treatment room is a so-called therapy 1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber. During normal breathing, the red blood cells absorb oxygen. Due to the excess pressure in the treatment chamber, oxygen is also physically dissolved in the blood. This increases the oxygen content up to 20 times the normal value.

monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber

As a result, body cells that are cut off from the blood supply. Disturbed functions of the body cells can regenerate quickly.

The effect of 1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber therapy is based on the physical effect. The diffusion law works at the HBO. Body cells are optimally supplied with oxygen and can regenerate again.

In this way, the healing processes of the body are pushed in a natural way.

Effects of 1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber therapy: regeneration and healing of cells and tissues

The 1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber therapy has a wealth of beneficial effects on a wide variety of disease courses. The oxygen overpressure improves the nutritional situation of damaged areas with oxygen.

In particular, inflamed body tissues are better supplied with oxygen. The oxygen overpressure treatment stimulates:

  • the new formation of small blood vessels
  • bone cells and connective tissue and
  • Activates the body’s defenses.

Oxygen has a direct and indirect germicidal effect and normalizes cell metabolism. A previously poorly supplied or inflamed body region heals. Similarly, the increased oxygen concentration also has an antibacterial effect. It increases the effect of antibiotics and detoxifies the body tissue, e.g.

The organism can thus carry out repair processes even in the innermost part of the body. These physical and biological laws have been scientifically proven.

1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chambers therapy is also known as overpressure medicine. It is therefore a highly effective form of treatment for tissues with insufficient oxygen supply.

Health effects of 1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chambers oxygen

1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber oxygen not only has a therapeutic effect, but also can achieve a good health care effect. Moreover, it does not produce discomfort during treatment.

Specifically, hyperbaric oxygen health care is method that inhales more than 1 atmosphere of pure oxygen. It is a medical measure that effectively improves the body’s health status. SO, we can say that its main purpose is to maintain body working.

  1. Eliminate fatigue, improve intelligence and work efficiency

Human brain oxygen consumption accounts for 20% of the whole body. Furthermore, insufficient oxygen supply can cause fatigue syndromes. Such as:

  • lack of energy
  • lack of energy
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia
  • memory loss,
  • and loss of appetite,
  • It affects people’s intelligence and work efficiency.

After 1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber oxygen inhalation, these symptoms can be significantly improved.

2. 1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber Improves body resistance and prevent diseases

Oxygen inhalation can enhance the material metabolism of human cells, tissues and organs. Similarly, it enhances the function of each organ. It improves the body’s immunity. And have a good preventive effect on common diseases. Such as:

  • insufficient blood supplyto the brain
  • cerebral infarction
  • coronary heart disease
  • and neurasthenia.

3. Oxygen absorption helps beauty

Inhalation can enhance the aerobic metabolism of human cells. It strengthens skin nutrition. Moreover, increase the elasticity of slack skin and reduce wrinkles. The enhanced metabolic function of skin cells can reduce melanin deposition.

1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chambers therapy reduces freckles, and beautifies the skin. Oxygen absorption also helps for improving hair follicle nutrition. Moreover, it promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Regular oxygen inhalation can prevent geriatric diseases

With increasing age, lung function, the partial pressure of arterial blood oxygen in the body gradually decreases. Inhalation of 1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber oxygen can significantly increase the pressure of oxygen. Similarly, it prevents the occurrence of many geriatric diseases.

  1. Help to improve male sexual function

Oxygen health care is an advanced physical fitness method. 1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chambers oxygen inhalation can enhance vision. Oxygen inhalation also improves men’s sexual function. It maintains strong energy and improves quality of life. Oxygen can also promote physical recovery after exercise.

  1. Growth and development of beneficial fetus

The oxygen needed by the fetus is obtained from the mother’s. Therefore, inhaling oxygen in pregnant women can ensure that the fetus gets enough oxygen. It prevents premature birth or dementia.

7. 1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber Improves sub-health status

People living in modern society often suffer from:

  • depressed mood
  • irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • chronic sore throat
  • and repeated colds.

Medical experts call it sub-healthy. According to the survey, about 60% of the population is in sub-health state. And the proportion of young and middle-age intellectuals is high. Moreover, about 78% are in sub-health state.

Experiments show that 1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber oxygen inhalation is very effective in improving health status.

More and more health institutions and families now use 1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chambers as a supplement to oxygen therapy.

The principle of the soft oxygen cabin is similar to that of the medical hyperbaric oxygen cabin. It combines micro-pressure and oxygen to synergistically increase the dissolved oxygen by more than 500%.

It improves the oxygen supply efficiency of the organ, rejuvenate the vitality of the cell, accelerate the metabolism, and achieve: 1. Increase tissue And blood oxygen content, increase the ability of white blood cells to engulf.

1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chambers  therapy is beneficial in vast fields

1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber in china 

1.5ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chambers oxygen inhalation can be the most natural way of beauty. Generally, it eliminates sub-health fatigue. Moreover, it maintains strong energy. Simultaneously, effectively promotes the elasticity of the skin.


  • Drinkers: relieve discomfort and quickly sober.

Practice has proved that inhaling oxygen can relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of the body. Moreover, it quickly enters a clear state.

  • Student: Eliminate fatigue and enhance learning ability.

Oxygen supplementation can quickly restore blood oxygen concentration. Moreover, it enhances brain oxygen supply. Subsequently, it improves learning and examination ability.