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How does monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber oxygen help cosmetic patients?

Por hqt / June 30, 2020

The working principles of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber

monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber

What is a Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber oxygen therapy?

Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber therapy is a method of placing patients in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. And to pressurize and inhale oxygen to achieve the purpose of treating diseases.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can boost wound healing. And it reduces the happenings of complications, and has antibacterial effects.

The physicians apply this treatment to the postoperative recovery of cosmetic patients. Because it will greatly shorten the recovery period. And will also reduce the risk of surgery.

What is a Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber?

The doctors use hyperbaric chamber to provide hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Moreover, it had originally developed for the treatment of underwater divers. Because they suffer from pressure-relief sickness.

Today, it has been approved for many other treatments. Like:

  • radiation damage
  • thermal burn healing
  • skin transplantation
  • severe blood loss
  • Conditions where wounds are difficult to heal.

Dr. Barbach Zizzad, a flow cytologist from the Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery Center in Beverly Hills, California. He has said that using Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber oxygen can help cosmetic patients. Such as, rhinoplasty to repair damaged soft tissue.


How many types of Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber are there?

There are two main types of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

  1. Multiplace hyperbaric chamber
  2. Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber

What is multiplace hyperbaric chamber?

Multiplace mainly uses the same high-pressure room for several patients at the same time. Everyone wears an oxygen mask or hood during this treatment. And all patients receive the same treatment at the same time.

Moreover, the staff must stay inside to ensure the safe operation.

What is monoplace hyperbaric chamber?

Monoplace hyperbaric chamber is only for one patient. And it is only the patient himself. But there is no need to wear a face mask or hood. And the treatment plan has also specially designed according to the patient’s situation.

Dr. Zizzad describes that hyperbaric oxygen has many benefits. It can shorten the healing time of wounds. It is conducive to the recovery after plastic surgery such as rhinoplasty.

Furthermore, hyperbaric oxygen can solve some unexpected complications.


  • greatly reduce bruises swelling
  • inflammation after surgery
  • Shorten healing and recovery time.

What are the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber oxygen therapy is a safe way to reduce inflammation and help wound healing. It can reduce the following issues. Such as:

  • pain and swelling
  • heal scars
  • Has an antibacterial effect.

Doctors explain that, “According to our experience, the application of this method allows a shorter recovery period for cosmetic patients. And this is why we often recommend rhinoplasty to receive this therapy after surgery.”

Editor describes that, this therapy not only uses the principle of pressure, but also fully utilizes the characteristics of oxygen. And greatly speeding up the healing of wounds and alleviating the suffering of patients. This kind of treatment can help the recovery of patients after plastic surgery. And to a certain extent, it can also help promote the development of the plastic surgery industry.

How Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber therapy is important for the recovery of brain diseases?

The brain is undoubtedly the most active organ of the human body. And the corresponding oxygen consumption is also the largest. It has examined that, when the rest of the body rests  the brain is still active.


Such as processing huge information from the previous day in a way, like dreaming to facilitate future survival. But most dreams are not conscious by people. The weight of the brain only accounts for 2% to 3% of the body weight, but in the quiet state.


And the blood supply accounts for more than 20% of the cardiac output. Generally, if there is a lack of monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber oxygen, the consequences are very serious.


Furthermore, experiments show that if the blood has completely blocked for 6 seconds. Then the nerve cell metabolism can be damaged.And10 to 15 seconds will cause the oxygen stored in the brain to be exhausted and the consciousness will be lost.


What are the consequences of poor Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber oxygen?

Two minutes of oxygen stop will completely stop the brain electrical activity. So, the stop of brain electrical activity stops heartbeat breathing and blood flow stop.
Moreover, even if it is too late, the body almost permanently goes to death.

5 minutes after ischemia at room temperature, the cellular energy ATP is reduced. And energy metabolism stops. So, monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber oxygen therapy is important for such brain issues.


How Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps you to fight such complications?

Oxygen is the source of life, and oxygen is the basis of healing. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is basically a method of placing a patient in a closed oxygen chamber.

What are the working principles of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber?

Blood carries the oxygen. When oxygen enters the lungs, it will immediately dissolve into the blood. The process of dissolution is like putting a spoonful of white sugar in water. And it will be quickly dissolved.

The amount of dissolved oxygen in the blood of normal people depends on the pressure of the environment.

We live in an atmospheric pressure environment. Since the oxygen in the air is only 1/5, there is very little dissolved oxygen in the human blood. It cannot meet the needs of the human body. Oxygen easily enters the red blood cells. And transport as the red blood cells move.

Although, the oxygen dissolved in the blood is very little. But it is very important. Because the red blood cells carry oxygen. And its dissolution is dozens of times higher than the oxygen in the blood. So, normal people can meet the oxygen intake of oxygen transport.

For how many years demonstration of hyperbaric oxygen experiments had started?

In 1956, Dutch scientists had experimented with drawing blood from piglets from arteries. And then had injected saline from veins. Then put them into a Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber and had added three atmospheric pressures of oxygen.

He had lived for 15 minutes in hyperbaric oxygen. After that, he had rein fused blood into the piglet. And it still lived very well. The piglet continued to live by dissolving oxygen. The scientist had named this experiment, life without blood.

After many experiments, it had concluded that the oxygen dissolved in the blood in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber had increased. Then, the oxygen dissolved in the blood increased by 14 times. While at 3 atmospheres it increased by 21 times.

For how many diseases Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber therapy has been used?

Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber oxygen therapy has a wide range of indications and can be applied to the following diseases. Such as:

  1. gas poisoning caused by harmful gases like:
  • carbon monoxide
  • hydrogen sulfide
  1. cerebral thrombosis
  2. cerebral hemorrhage
  3. trauma
  4. neuritis

some other major diseases are:

  • vasculitis
  • diabetic gangrene
  • refractory Ulcers
  • dysplasia of the fetus
  • neonatal breathing
  • non-mountain embolism
  • decompression sickness
  • altitude sickness
  • sudden deafness
  • Neil syndrome
  • dizziness due to insufficient blood supply to the cerebral arteries, etc.

can choose Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber treatment.

Hyperbaric oxygen absorbs oxygen much better then in an atmospheric pressure environment. Oxygen therapy has greater intensity and better absorption effect. It can directly use the amount of oxygen to solve the problem of hypoxia in the human body.

Furthermore, Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber therapy also has protective health care. It Improves heart and brain function.

What are the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

For patients with brain diseases like, cerebral thrombosis hyperbaric oxygen therapy is very good.

  • It can supply blood from the surrounding normal brain tissue to the lesion area.
  • Bleeding and retro-reflux phenomenon;

After routinely giving dilated blood vessels to cerebral thrombosis patient’s normal brain tissue cells are sensitive to drugs. Moreover, the reaction in the focal area is not very sensitive. Similarly, the blood vessels are not dilated.

The blood of the brain flows from the normal brain tissue. It is the widen area, without passing through the focal area. Called pour blood, monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber therapy has the effect of anti-pour blood.

multiplace hyperbaric chamber

There are no side effects of drugs; more patients are easier to accept. And they are more confident to overcome the disease.

How Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber keeps pace with the times?

In today and the future with a fast pace of life, the basic knowledge of hyperbaric oxygen medicine covers a rich significance. As monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber company, we always keep pace with the times. So, we carry out hyperbaric oxygen cabin manufacturing smoothly. Because it helps you in the following ways:

  • maintain life
  • give you a quality of life
  • stay away from pain
  • Escort your health.