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What is difference between multiplace hyperbaric chamber & monoplace chamber?

Por hqt / June 29, 2020

Advantages of hyperbaric oxygen chambers

multiplace hyperbaric chamber

What is the multiplace hyperbaric chamber?

Multiplace hyperbaric chamber is basically an oxygen chamber which is an airtight space. And in it, physicians cure patients under a high pressure of oxygen. But the pressure is actually very high in comparison to the surrounding climate.

If we briefly summarize in scientific language, a hyperbaric chamber is actually a pressurized vessel. In which doctors treat patients by hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Furthermore, the pressure of oxygen in this chamber is 100% which is extra high than the normal atmosphere.

In this chamber patient’s breath a gas, that is the mixture of many gases. But doctors mostly use oxygen.

During a treatment period, the pressure is adjusted according to the patient’s tolerance. And according to the various treatments’ factors.

What is Hyperbaric oxygen therapy which doctors treat in Multiplace hyperbaric chamber?

Multiplace hyperbaric chamber therapy is actually a medicinal process which most of the physicians use to cure their patients.

In this treatment, doctors increase the amount of oxygen in order to supply to the body tissues. And they use this treatment to boost or increase the healing process of the damage tissues.

Furthermore, with oxygen, nitrogen or helium mixtures are also used in this treatment. And they give it to the patient through a special mask. So that the doctor may not affect by this treatment.

This treatment may result best. And it can be a major treatment for specific conditions. In this therapy the pressure of oxygen is very high. Furthermore, most of the physicians prefer this therapy to heal the wounds. Which occur in the disease of radiation injury or diabetes?

And in Multiplace hyperbaric chamber therapy, they increase the pressure of air up to three times than normal pressure. So that the lungs of the patients can collect extra amount of oxygen. Similarly, it helps to cure many diseases.

In which conditions most of the doctors use a multiplace hyperbaric chamber?

Multiplace hyperbaric chamber therapy helps to fight against several bacteria. But it increases the factors of growth and helps in healing the wounds.

Furthermore, if you have the following problems then your physician will recommend you a multiplace hyper baric chamber. And these conditions are:

  • Brain abscess, Decompression sickness
  • Anemia, severe, and Carbon monoxide poisoning

There are various other circumstances in which doctors prefer a multiplace hyperbaric chamber

Doctors explain that Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is normally a safe and secure process.

  • Allergies, Bell’s palsy, Autism
  • Arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease
  • Cancer, AIDS/HIV, Asthma
  • Cerebral palsy, Cirrhosis, Depression
  • Fibromyalgia, Heatstroke, Migraine, Sports injury,
  • Hepatitis, Parkinson’s disease, Heart disease
  • Stroke, Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Brain injury, Gastrointestinal ulcers
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Spinal cord injury

Furthermore, you have to consult your expert physician after this treatment. Hence, he will check your progress after this useful treatment.

Except Multiplace hyperbaric chamber, how many types of hyperbaric chamber are?

There are mainly two types of hyperbaric chambers. Moreover,  physicians use according to the needs of patients.

And these are:

  1. Monoplace hyperbaric chamber
  2. Multiplace hyperbaric chamber

Moreover, the detail description of each of above hyperbaric chamber is given bellow.

What a monoplace hyperbaric chamber generally is?

multiplace hyperbaric chamber suppliers

Monoplace hyperbaric chamber is actually a transparent acrylic tube. This chamber is about3 feet in its diameter and 8 feet long. In this treatment the patient can laid on a tray-like bed, which can be closed from one side. Then the doctor raises the oxygen pressure on the chamber. And a doctor constantly monitors the patient.

This treatment usually takes about 90 to 120 minutes. But patients cannot bring magazines, books or other flammable materials with them to monoplace hyperbaric chamber. But there is one advantage of this chamber. And it is, in this chamber the patient can watch DVD and Television etc.

There is a communication system in the chamber. And a supervising doctor is present with the patient. Through this communication system, the patient can easily contact the doctor about his problem. But in this chamber the patient has to wear a special dress.

Advantages of Multiplace hyperbaric chamber

These chambers are quite large. These are made of steel. It has a great feature and which is, in this chamber eight patients can sit at a time. And they can be treated at the same time. So, in this chamber the patient can get the following benefits:

  • Stand
  • Sit
  • lie down
  • Even play.

It feels like you are sitting in the first-class part of the plane.

Furthermore, it is about 46 feet long and big like a comfortable room. In this chamber the doctors provide oxygen to the patient through a comfortable device like “oxygen hoods”.

A specialist nurse is present with patients at all the time. Most patients enjoy during treatment in multiplace hyperbaric chamber. They also share their problems with each other. This chamber is considered the best in terms of monoplace chamber.

Because in it the patient feels lonely and he feels imprisoned. While in the multiplace hyperbaric chamber, patients enjoy their treatment and feel relaxed.

What are the main precautions to follow before Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in multiplace hyperbaric chamber?

There are many precautions to follow for the patients. So, they have not to face any kind of problem during their treatment. And some of them are:

  • nylon stockings
  • make-up, lipstick, lip salves
  • lighters or matches
  • hearing aids
  • watches and jewellery (except for wedding rings)
  • perfume, aftershave, cologne
  • hand or body cream, ointments
  • nail polish
  • felt tipped pens
  • contact lenses
  • Electronic equipment including mobile phones.
  • wigs, hairpieces
  • hairspray, hair oil
  • synthetic clothing

Which preparations you should take before Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in multiplace hyperbaric chamber?

For certain pacemakers:

If you have a pacemaker then please inform your doctor. Because people with sure pacemakers cannot take multiplace hyperbaric chamber therapy.

Balanced diet:

You should continue your daily diet and make sure that your diet is balanced. But you do not have to stop your diet.

Other medicines:

Be sure to consult your doctor if you are already using any medication. Because these drugs can be harmful in this treatment.

Oxygen hood:

You will be fitted with an “oxygen hood” before this treatment. And it is very important for multiplace hyperbaric chamber therapy?

How multiplace hyperbaric chamber are designed by physicians?

Physicians design these chambers with extra care to keep patient safe, secure and comfort. And an expert nurse is always there to help the patients in any problem.

Moreover, in this chamber, patients get oxygen by a mask or hood system at 100% pressure. Because physicians use Medical Grade Aid to increase the oxygen pressure in this hyperbaric oxygen chambers.

Number of beds/ beds

  • Optional beds
  • 2 to 24 Seats

Types of doors

  • Rectangular
  • Round

Treatment depth

  • 6 ATA
  • 3 ATA
  • Commercial Ship based Mobile Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Systemsveterinary Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber suppliers
multiplace hyperbaric chamber Conclusion:

Multiplace hyperbaric chamber is more convenient than monoplace hyperbaric chamber. Because it has many features in comparison to the monoplace chamber. And it has the ability to heal many patients at a time.

So, the patients also prefer this chamber, because in monoplace chamber they feel isolated. And in multiplace chamber, there is also an aid of doctor. So that they have not to face any kind of trouble. Hence, they find multiplace chamber best in order to get hyperbaric oxygen therapy.