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How does 1.4ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber help in wound healing problems?

Por hqt / June 29, 2020

Risks, side effects and criticism on Portable Hyperbaric Chamber


1.4ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber in china 

1.4ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber therapy is a promising form of treatment with a wide range of uses. Patients are exposed to increased ambient pressure in a pressure chamber. Moreover, they simultaneously inhale concentrated oxygen.

This method can also be used to reach tissue. It is no longer adequately supplied with oxygen. And therefore, it cannot recover.


The problem: stationary pressure chambers with modern pressure chamber technology are rare and correspondingly expensive. A Chinese company has now developed a mobile system that is characterized by a small footprint and low personnel and maintenance costs.

1.4ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber laws

The 1.4ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber oxygen therapy uses multiple PHYSICAL basic laws. The principle of application is based on the solubility of gases in liquids.

This describes the fact that the higher the pressure, the more gas can be dissolved in a liquid. The first experiments with the administration of oxygen in blood under positive pressure took place in the 1940s.

The increase in the oxygen content in the blood turned out to be a promising approach for numerous therapeutic applications. Similarly, research was intensified in the following decades.

Therefore, there are now numerous scientific papers on the indications of 1.4ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber therapy. But the scope of the potential has still not been sufficiently researched. Therefore, this is why it is the subject of further research efforts.

Classic areas of 1.4ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber application

In the meantime, the effect of oxygen-enriched blood is not only used for emergency indications. Such as diving accidents, smoke gas poisoning and gas embolism.

It is now also used for sports injuries and chronic wounds. Since; it has also been shown to contribute to faster wound healing.

1.4ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber oxygen therapy is also used for certain diabetes diseases. In which the tissue is poorly supplied with blood. Moreover, wounds can become inflamed and only heal with difficulty.

The oxygen supply provides those cells. That is responsible for the development of new tissue with the healing of wounds. Subsequently, the amount of oxygen required for their function.

Without the necessary minimum amount, wound healing disorders occur. Because the blood supply in large or small vessels is reduced. Such disorders in the healing process occur as so-called “open legs” often in diabetes patients.

Improving the oxygen supply during 1.4ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber therapy can activate these healing cells. And promote wound closure.

How does 1.4ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber help in wound healing problems?

Investigations of wound healing problems have shown that HBO therapy also stimulates the formation of new blood vessels. This is why it is also used in the treatment of long-term radiation effects.

Even for acute and sub acute inner ear disorders and functional disorders of the inner ear. 1.4ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber therapy is an option – depending on the underlying disease.

The above-mentioned indications for hyperbaric oxygen therapy are only an extract of the entire spectrum. Moreover, they were presented at the consensus conferences of the medical scientific societies.

Nonetheless, different indication ranges have been established in the individual countries. In some cases results are in considerable differences.

The following other areas of application are currently being scientifically investigated:

  • Sports injuries
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Migraines and so-called cluster headache
  • Circulatory disorders in the retina of the eye
  • Chronic lymarthritis
  • Bone infarctions

1.4ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber Course of treatment

1.4ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber treatment is usually carried out in pressure chamber centers in public hospitals or private clinics.

Medical oxygen is inhaled either via a converter using at a treatment pressure that is above atmospheric pressure. The therapeutic pressure range is between 1.5–3.0 bars absolute. It corresponds to an overpressure of 0.5–2.0 bar. The duration and number of sessions depend on the respective indication.

There is currently only one pressure chamber at the Medical University of Graz in Austria. It is also responsible for all diving accidents nationwide. The treatment of 1.4ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chambers oxygenation is only possible if lead times are taken into account.

Mobile pressure chamber should open up new fields of activity and facilitate access for patients

So far, the possibilities of using HBO therapy have been limited. Pressure chambers for several people are rare – also in China. – And are only available to large facilities. Since they are expensive to buy and maintain.

Where to buy latest 1.4ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber?

A Chinese company has now developed a 1.4ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber. It can be used without the disadvantages of stationary pressure chambers.

The https://www.macypanhbot.es/ now also offers the general public the opportunity to use the advantages of 1.4ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chambers. We see great potential for demand. Above all it is good in the wellness industry and in medical practices.

multiplace hyperbaric chamber

As there is a verifiable medical benefit and the therapy leads to more well-being. In addition to the small space requirement, our customers particularly appreciate the low personnel and maintenance costs.

The company also wants to use the innovation to open up the areas of regeneration and increased performance. The target group is therefore not individuals. But sports institutes, spa and wellness hotels and spas.

How does 1.4ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber therapy help?

Reference is made to the United States, where the trend towards more natural performance has already been recognized. The widespread use of HBO therapies in top American sports shows.

In fact, 1.4ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber therapy has become standard in top-class sport. There and has repeatedly been highlighted in its effectiveness by various scientific lectures.

“This special combination ensures that the saturated oxygen uptake of the red blood cells is physically bypassed. And the oxygen is instead dissolved in the blood fluid.

“Not only smokers suffer from circulatory disorders. In the sports and wellness area, too, users benefit from the additional energy of oxygen.

1.4ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chambers therapy ensures that the oxygen is also transported to remote parts of the body. That both compensates for the undersupply there and increases well-being.

The accident of the well-known Austrian ski jumper Lukas Müller shows that HBO therapy has a proven effect on sports injuries.

The sports professional fell heavily on the Kulm at the beginning of this year. As a result, he was diagnosed with incomplete paraplegia. With the help of 1.4ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chambers oxygen therapy, the first progress and was soon able to move his toes. Moreover, he is already able to walk in the water today.

Risks, side effects and criticism on 1.4ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber

Side effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy are rare overall, but they do occur. The predominant number of undesirable side effects results from pressure compensation problems. That can occur especially with colds, or hay fever.

This usually results in pressure violations of the eardrum. It can range from slight reddening of the eardrums to tearing. Pain in the frontal sinuses is also documented.

Lung pressure injuries are extremely rare. But there is a low risk of lung rupture or pulmonary fibrosis.

The usual 1.4ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber treatments are designed in such a way that oxygen intolerance is extremely rare.

Reversible hypersensitivity to the brain can lead to oxygen spasms, numbness in the fingers and short-term vision or hearing problems. A temporary deterioration in vision or a temporary improvement in vision is quite common. Moreover, it affects about 40-50% of patients with more than 15 therapy units HBO.

1.4ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber Conclusion

Although there are numerous evidence-based studies on 1.4ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chambers treatment. And therefore many national health systems have recognized corresponding catalogs of indications.

The therapy is not without controversy in some EU countries. The use is criticized especially in many indication areas. That due to an insufficient number of high-quality studies could currently only be regarded as experimental.

Regardless of this, the majority of therapeutic institutions in China are now privately owned. The institutes are enjoying increasing popularity. Although the costs are only rarely borne by health insurance.